HCG Diet Case Study: What To Do When It All Goes Wrong (Reboot Part 5)

hcg diet warrior winners
Winning The HCG Diet By Being An Unstoppable Warrior

Did your last HCG Diet round bite the big one and you hit a wall?

Then I wrote this article for you…

Continuing from the last article where I was detailing the Next Steps for hapless HCG Diet’er “Sally” who got blindsided by Life from so many directions it was a like a Superbowl dogpile.

But we turn out winners of the HCG Diet here, we unleash mental and physical warriors back into the world.

So what does she need to do differently next time? Thought you’d never ask…    😉

“Stop the diet and transition to Phase 3 (3 weeks) followed by 3 more weeks of Phase 4.  We have seen others start another round immediately after Phase 3 but they don’t do as well as others who wait the full 6 weeks.

Why? Because you need to let the HCG totally leave your system, give your body and your mind a break from all things HCG Diet related. There is more than a bit of stressing the physical and mental system with a 6 week weight loss sprint. The human hypothalamus which, if you’ll remember from my training on that, is in a constant state of playing catch-up all throughout the HCG Diet.

That’s stressing to the body and the mind. Especially to the mind where there’s a long running pattern of being overweight and that has become part of the identity. Suddenly giving up that part of you that you have identified as ‘who you are’ is stressful!

There’s a Hebrew word I really like and I think it gives you some context for what I’m recommending here. The word is selah.

It doesn’t have an exact English translation, but the closest English comes is to “Pause, and think of that” or “Pause, and think on that.” I prefer the latter version. To “Pause and consider.”

When I look over your history and charts, I think a 6 week break from the HCG Diet would do you a world of good. Looks like you need some time to reflect… to selah and get your head back in the game.

A very advanced mental strategy is to use a mix of positive and negative drivers in your goals.

My positive driver for my HCG Diet journey was to quickly get back to the body I had in college and throughout most of my martial arts career. I KNEW that if I could get the weight off, I would never, ever let myself go like that again.

The negative one was I didn’t want to be That Guy – the fat, middle-aged former athlete and sedentary geek on a medication buffet from my doctor to manage my lack of discipline and put his kids through college.

See how it’s a push-pull thing mentally? Hmmm… now that I’ve said this out loud, I’m thinking I should do a training on this.

Look, any time there is boredom and cheating going on, HCG or otherwise — it’s symptomatic of not having a big enough goal; there’s not a large enough vision that’s driving you forward, that keeps you on track.

If I were you, I would go back and redo the Goal Sheet. Review the Mental Game things that have been recommended to you.

Lastly, remember this: every adversity brings with it opportunities. Find yours and leverage them for the next round, okay?

Let us know what you decide to do.  I’m hoping you’re going to take the coaching I’ve given you. Don’t think short-term game, keep your eye on the long game.”


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Talk to me. What did you learn from that unsuccessful HCG Diet round that will make the next a smashing success? Leave a Comment below and tell me all about it.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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