HCG Diet Case Study: HCG Diet Warriors Choose The When And The How (Reboot Part 4)

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HCG Diet Warriors Choose Their Times

If your last HCG Diet round didn’t go great and you quit part of the way through, this article is for you…

In Part 1 of How To Reboot A Bad Round Of The HCG Diet we talked a bit about the Automated Failure Mechanism and it’s polar opposite the Automated Success Mechanism.

Then in Part 2 Last HCG Diet Went Sideways? My Open Letter To You…  we went over 5 ways you can take yourself off the HCG Diet hook…

Part 3 was HCG Diet Case Study: “How To Recover From A Bad HCG Round And Win Big Next Time”

All up to speed now?

I continue my coaching to “Sally” on how to set herself up to win during her next round on the HCG Diet:

“Remember what I’ve said about warriors choosing their battles instead of letting conditions dictate when they fight? If she is fatigued physically and mentally, she doesn’t continue to press on to battle. No, she strategically retreats, reassesses and determines how to set herself up to win next time.

See, while you have the HCG in your system and for the 3 weeks after you stop the HCG Diet, your blood chemistry is in a state that does not tolerate carbohydrates/sugars well. While you are on the HCG Diet, I want you to think of the HCG in your system as a magnifier.  And you can see this when folks go off-plan in P3 and start packing on the pounds again. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

The HCG in your system for your 6 weeks on the HCG Diet helps you lose weight quickly and conversely, you will gain weight just as quickly if eat what you shouldn’t eat while the HCG is still present.  People who cheat for multiple days usually don’t recover well and since you are on day #32, my recommendation is the following:

As far as “being frustrated” goes, I suggest a little reframe trick I got from Tony Robbins, and as a person often frustrated, I can tell you it works like a charm!

Be fascinated by what has happened, instead of “frustrated.” Become fascinated at how you orchestrated this outcome for your HCG Diet journey. When you examine what happened closely, and from that frame of mind – you’ll come up with some excellent insights, minus the emotional drama that will serve you well during your next round on the HCG Diet.

Plus, being fascinated is a helluva lot better mental state than being frustrated. Fascinated is creative and powerful – new insights are possible in that state. Frustrated is the path of victimization and powerlessness, and nothing good ever comes of that.”

Next up, coming up in the 5th and final part, I lay out the blueprint for her Next Steps on her HCG Diet journey so that she is virtually guaranteed whopping success in the next round.

And listen up, while I’m talking to her, I’m also talking to you and you will be able to apply what you learn.

Talk to me. What did you learn from that unsuccessful HCG Diet round that will make the next a smashing success? Leave a Comment below and tell me all about it.

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Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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