Last HCG Diet Went Sideways? My Open Letter To You… (Reboot Part 2)

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Does The HCG Diet Define You, Or Do You Define It?

Open Letter To All For Whom Their HCG Diet Went Sideways…

My 5 Ways To Take Yourself Off The Hook…

When we last talked about this, in Part 1 of How To Reboot A Bad Round Of The HCG Diet we talked a bit about the Automated Failure Mechanism and it’s polar opposite the Automated Success Mechanism.

I trust you found that useful and hope it cleared up any mystery around what happened and where your HCG Diet journey jumped the tracks.

But you have to admit, writing about this is unusual, isn’t it?

I know it’s typical for the other HCG “experts” to stand beat their chests all day long about their (alleged) successes.

But I’ve found, as a good rule of thumb, that when everyone else is doing the same thing, that’s a sure sign to do something different.

So, this article is only for those whose last HCG Diet round was… let’s say less than spectacular.

No, it wasn’t a “failure” because the only way you can fail is to not learn from it.

So, what did you learn about you when you HCG Diet journey went sideways?

More importantly, what are you going to do about getting back up on this horse and ride it all the way to a sleek and lean you that you deserve?

I mean, who’s in charge of what happened during that HCG Diet journey, you or the circumstances? While you’re swishing that around in your head,

Here are 5 Ways To Take Yourself Off The Hook…

  1. Do not beat yourself up.  Quit dwelling on it. It’s over, it’s done, for whatever reason you made a series of deliberate, conscious decisions and acted on them. Nothing to do now but learn and grow from the experience. Accept whatever the weight gain is, accept the fact you ate what you shouldn’t have, that you let yourself get bored, and all that and move on.
  2. Allow yourself to mentally get over your HCG diet cheats real quickly. A key to success is to fail quickly. Now that you know what doesn’t work, learn the lesson and apply it in the future. It’s the dwelling on it and the feeling bad and all the emotional baggage that comes with that, and then continuing to carry it forward is what deep-sixes so many folks. Simple as that.
  3. Do some extra exercise. Exercise releases a lot of the stress you feel about cheating.
  4. Set stronger goals. Have a Bigger Vision for yourself and the results you want for the next round. Obviously, the ones you developed for this round were not strong and vibrant enough to keep driving you forward and keep you on track when you’re tempted to jump tracks.
  5. Get your head back in the game by re-listening to the trainings (if you’re in my HCG Diet Success Coaching Program) and get a handle on the Mental Game part before restarting the diet again. Otherwise, you’re just going to repeat the same pattern over and over again. Y’know, kinda like you’ve been doing with every diet you’ve been on up to this point.

Next up…

How HCG Diet Warriors Choose The When & The How: Part 3 Taking You Off The HCG Diet Hook – A Case Study.

You don’t want to miss this one nor be late to applying it!

Talk to me. What did you learn from that unsuccessful HCG Diet round that will make the next a smashing success? Leave a Comment below and tell me all about it.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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