How To Reboot A Bad Round Of The HCG Diet

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Even The HCG Diet Gets A Do-Over

Once again, I’m about to do something that has never been done in the history of the HCG Diet – ever.

See, as someone who professionally coaches others through the twists and turns of their HCG Diet journey, it’s very typical to do what every self-proclaimed HCG Diet “coach” in this field does – to only talk about the successes.

And that’s all well and good and it has its place.

Now, I don’t know about you but I know often we can learn just as much, if not more from studying what DIDN’T go right… what went awry and why…

But I want to talk about the small percentage for whom the HCG diet journey was not successful for. Those who are upset and frustrated and want something to change.

First of all, thank you for your letters and emails. I appreciate you trusting me enough to share your frustrations. It takes a lot of courage to be that open and honest.

And in that spirit, this is my open letter to all of you who are my brothers and sisters on their HCG Diet journey…

So, whether you were successful out of the gates or you just need a do-over, this is for you…

Okay… So maybe your last round of the HCG diet wasn’t all you hoped it would be.

Whatever the cause, you couldn’t stay on the plan for whatever reason. Hey, I get that.

You either had a vacation scheduled (and didn’t realize just how near-impossible it is to stay on-protocol during vacation)… an illness came up… a life emergency happened to you or someone you love… whatever the reason, you couldn’t stay on your HCG Diet protocol and it screwed up your HCG Diet round all to hell.

Like I said, I get it. I really do. I don’t always get things right on the first try either, which is why you’ll never see me skydiving.  😉

I had planned to tell you something else altogether to lift your spirits (or try to, anyway) but then one of the judges on the So You Think You Can Dance finale, choreographer Kenny Ortega (Dirty Dancing) said something that was better than anything I had planned.

See, 2 of the 4 finalists had a not-so-great dance number together (and it was pretty wretched), and after the other judges laid into them for it, Ortega paused, thought about it for a moment, looked down the row of other judges and then he said this:

Let it go. Turn around and walk away. Shake it off. Get out of your heads. You still have more routines to do tonight, so come back and blow us all away.”

So yeah, what he said. I 1,000% agree.

You still have other opportunities to do the HCG Diet; so turn around, shake it off, get out of your head (and tell your the Automated Failure Mechanism to shut the hell up).

You have more life and more opportunities. Wait 6 weeks and then let’s begin the HCG Diet again. But this time, let’s incorporate what you learned from the incomplete round so we don’t make the same mistakes again.

It’ll be even better next round on the HCG Diet because you’ll have more wisdom then. You’ll know more. You’ve had the learning experience*.

Now let’s take what you learned and apply it to knocking the next round out of the park.

What say you?

* = a way to reframe a negative experience that you learned your lesson from. Understand the lesson/s you learned, know what to do differently next, make a plan to incorporate what you learned and then do it THAT way next time.

Talk to me. What did you learn from that unsuccessful HCG Diet round that will make the next a smashing success? Leave a Comment below and tell me all about it.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.


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  1. Lydiajeans says:

    Walter, I’ve done 3 rounds of hcg as a “diy-er” and have managed to 80 pounds… Yay – right? I think not because I’d manage to loose 30 pounds my first & second round & gain it all back plus 10. Then 20 pounds my third round which I quit early & only got myself just under my start weight of my first round. My downfall… Not sticking to phase 3. I’m slowly spiraling into the type two diabetes hole and after losing my Memere from her morbidl obesity. I need to save myself. So here I am, anxiously awaiting January & ready to do this right… With your help of course. High hopes of seeing the resemblance of who I use to be.


  2. Coach Walter says:

    Looking forward to having you!

  3. Coach Walter says:

    But seeing less of you in a good way, yes? 😉

    Keep me posted about your new status as The Incredible Shrinking Woman!

  4. Jess says:

    I had a great round 1 last year, but gained it all back because i wasn’t serious about keeping the weight off. this is round 2 and i’m motivated and excited and committed!! let’s do this!

  5. Coach Walter says:

    Rock on, then! Let us know how you’re doing.

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