The HCG Diet And 8 Popular Breast Cancer Myths Debunked

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the HCG Diet Success Coaching Program…

HCG Diet Wants Your To #getscreened

Get in touch with Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Wants you to have the straight scoop, the no BS truth about something that touches all of us — either directly or via loved ones.

Do you believe in one of these common myths? Have your own, perhaps?

  • Does the HCG Diet cause cancer?
  • What about underwire bras?
  • Deodorant?
  • Antidepressants?

It’s not easy to sort it all out with your busy, hectic life.

You need the facts and “Just the facts, ma’am.”*

So we not found out the truth. We got it from two of the country’s top breast specialists at New York University.

But then we did it even one better — we got you the straight scoop and told in pictures, no less!

So, to that end, here are the 8 Popular Breast Cancer Myths Debunked.

What myths have you heard about? Leave a comment below and tell me.

And let’s not forget…

The October HCG Diet & National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ghcg dietutless In Seattle and the HCG Diet Success Coaching Program are proud supporters of the scientists and researchers on the frontlines of ending breast cancer. Just like we’re using the HCG Diet to be on the frontlines of ending obesity as an epidemic.

All this month, TeamHCG (our resident group of HCG Diet experts) and I are partnering with Charity Navigator* to bring you the 5 star charities that pour the bulk of their bucks into the actual research and implementation of the cause, and spend the tiniest amount on admin costs and salaries.

For this post, we’ve chosen the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation because they’re the top of the 5 star charities and most known.

I checked them out using Charity Navigator to make sure the max is going to the science of ending breast cancer and very little to overhead and salaries.

Clicking on this button takes you directly to their Nbcam & HCG Diet Donate Nowdonation page. It’s a handy little link to make your donation because even a little bit helps to win the fight! So please, give generously this month! We want all HCG Dieters to represent!


* = Tip of the hat to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly for turning me on to Charity Navigator. In 2001, after the 9/11 fundraiser debacle when very little of the money got to the 9/11 victims, he recommended using Charity Navigator to look into the finances of the charity before giving them your hard-earned money. I’ve been using them ever since.

* = Thank you Sgt. Joe Friday, Dragnet!

Stay Tuned To Get Gutless.

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