HCG Diet Tips Part 2: My 2 Pound Strategy And Tactic

My Favorite HCG Diet 2 Pound Strategy & Tactichcg diet tips - walter terry - hcg diet - simeons protocols

If I find I’ve gained 2 pounds or more then I cut back the number of calories I take in each day and skip the nightly dessert until the excess weight is history.

Simple, right? It’s the old Carrot and Stick conditioning from operant psychology.

Skipping dessert? That’s the Stick. If I’m over that limit then the Dessert Nazi comes out and says, “No dessert for you!” And I hate skipping dessert.

Now for me, the Carrot is this – that nightly dessert thing is important (and remember, like anything else it’s “80% psychological and 20% mechanics”).

If I can’t have something like my nightly Chocolate Yogurt Supreme, I get cranky. And as The Redhead’ll tell ya, me cranky before bedtime — not a good thing.

Recently a friend mentioned that she only weighs once a week, if then. Get this… mostly, she waits until she tries on something she wants to wear and it fits a little too snugly.

Then and only then she does something about it.

Ouch! There’s a “Danger Will Robinson” moment if I’ve ever hear one!

Why? Because it’s too easy to pack on 5, 10 or even 15 pounds before it shows up in your clothes becoming too tight, that’s why!

And I’ll tell you what I told her — which is easier to manage, your weight 5- 15 pounds over your HCG Diet goal weight, or managing weight gain that’s just a couple of pounds over your goal?

HCG Diet Measuring & Managing

Furthermore, how will you know what caused the weight gain if you’re not tracking it? Now, how I do that is a subject for another time.

Oh, and btw, the woman who only weighed when her clothes got too tight? She constantly complains how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off. Are you now starting to see the cause-and-effect here?

Her insistence on a bad practice causes the very thing she complains about. Say it with me now — it’s “80% psychological and 20% mechanics.”

So there it is, my secret two pound strategy and tactic.

It always works, it has been field-tested by myself and a growing number of our members I’ve coached through the HCG Diet and as a result, I and those who apply it are never more than 2 pounds over our target weight.

Now, to be fair… many feel that 2 lbs is too extreme and for them I say that I do think it’s more realistic for the average person to use a 5 lb limit instead.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hello Walter, what is the recipe for your Chocolate Yogurt Supreme and did you eat this in Phase 1? ALso what is your recipe for the green drink? Did you consume this during phase 1 too or when? Thanks soooo very much!!!!! :0)


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