Grad Says “Since the HCG Diet I Get Noticed Everywhere I Go!”

Getting noticed on the hcg dietThis just in from a former HCG Diet Success coaching member.

Hey, I know how she feels. Not only was I witness to my own physical and mental transformation as a result of the HCG Diet, but I’m participated in the transformations of thousands.

What a rush!

How about you? Are you getting noticed wherever you go?

One of the greatest joys of my job is that I get to help others get their lives back or rather, help them get the kind of life they’ve always wanted to have again.

Jenny, a gym owner and personal trainer in Florida was taking my HCG Diet coaching and is now a grad of the program.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am she has continued to take what I taught her, kept her results through the tricky waters of Phase 3 and now she’s well into Phase 4 eating and the rest of her life.

If she keeps it up (and I’m confident she will) ‘weight issues’ will never be a problem of hers again.

Poor Jen will need to find new “problems.” <grin>


“I’m 50 years old today and finished round 2 on the HCG Diet under your coaching several months ago (remember? I burned up your email with all those questions!). i’m happy to report that I now get noticed wherever I go. i love it, my husband hates it (I’m loving how he hates it!) and I’m thrilled beyond measure!

I’ve lost (I know, you hate that word) nearly 75 pounds and I’m now a size 2. SIZE 2!!! I have never been a size 2 ever, not even when I was little. I cannot begin to tell you. To go into Nordstroms and try on anything and know I’ll be happy with the way it fits and looks is amazing.

You have given me back something I was never able  to accomplish on my own — my life. despite my best efforts, the smallest I could ever get was a size 10, which seems huge compared to the size I am wearing now. THANK YOU! as a former  gym owner and then personal trainer, i quit the field because I was too embarrassed by my ballooning out of control weight problem which only seemed to get worse the older I got. it didn’t seem to matter how much I worked out. i love fitness and am now seriously considering getting back in. i couldn’t have done it without you! i’ve got my life AND my career back!

Sorry I didn’t write sooner.”

– Jenny Ocala, FL

I get emails like this every week and they still delight me. Nearly a million tried the HCG Diet last year. And why not? The HCG diet helps reset your body to the point where you naturally and easily resist putting on new fat – just like you did when you were a teenager and then college-age.

Remember those days? When you could eat and not get fat? There’s a reason why that happens. Your body had the right balance of certain factors that control the size and production of fat cells. And you remember what it was like when you were young — how easy it was to eat anything you wanted and never packed on the weight.

But as you aged, things start getting thrown off-balance. Especially when the food you ate was processed, full of additives and chemicals because these elements interfere with the signals that move between the cells in your body.

That’s one of the several reasons why it’s harder to shed weight as we age… even when we eat right and exercise.

What The HCG Diet Does To You

What the HCG Diet does is improve the ability of those signals to transmit across cells and helps reset your brain-body’s hypothalamus. Then once it is properly reset, your body has the ability to better control runaway fat production – just like it did when you were in your teens.

As we age, staying lean and trim is not easy as it once was. Or rather, was not easy prior to the HCG Diet.

We’ve all had the experience of eating right and exercising and still ending up with too much “spare tire” around our bellies. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? Unfortunately, as we age, we get wiser but the body, left to its default mode, declines.

And the accelerant to the decline is…

1. putting on dangerous amounts of excess fat

2. and the inevitable obesity-related diseases that accompany that fat weight

 But… you’ve been reading my little HCG Diet blog for some time now and you know you have a choice. You can do something about this default fat future. You can get a firm, slim body back — or if you’ve never been lean and slim, then you’ll get to enjoy it for the first time.

And if the latter is your case, then you’re in luck, because being lean and trim is wasted on the young. They take it for granted and don’t appreciate it. I know.

But like I said, if you look back and consider all the years you’ve been trying diets that didn’t work, exercise plans that didn’t work, and every new idea that came along… the 12 weeks on the HCG Diet will feel like nothing!

I Want You to Feel This for Yourself…

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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