HCG Diet Pre-Cleanse Facts Revealed

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Man, I get a lot of questions about this. So the HCG Diet pre-cleanse – do you need it?

READ THIS before you even think about shelling out your hard-earned bucks to a clinic or a doctor who’s “administering” the HCG protocols.

See, this is a PERFECT example of why I don’t recommend these doctors and clinics. I don’t trust them. They overcharge you, they charge for things you don’t need (in this case, it’s a pre-HCG Diet “cleanse”), and the like. What horse-pucky!

But I should have known better and wished I had warned her in time. So, please learn by her example so you won’t be paying for unnecessary charges these HCG clinics and doctors are tacking onto y0ur bill.

Here’s what happened.

Someone who had been following me on Facebook and has asked a few questions about the HCG Diet, found a local doctor and she emailed me about it. Here’s my response to her when she said the doctor wanted her to do this first.

> This doctor wants me to do a 7 day colon and liver cleanse…..first.

I wish we had talked sooner. But since you’ve already committed yourself to this doctor, then I’m afraid you’ll have to make the best of it.

[Editorial note: I’m not a fan of many of the doctor-administered HCG diet programs. See these previous posts as to why — HCG Diet Myths Exposed: Doctor Claims She’ll Gain It ALL BackMad As Hell About Crooked HCG Doctors & Clinics and its follow-up  She’s Mad As Hell About Crooked HCG Doctor Overcharging Her.]

I’ve studied this cleanse issue on my grads and we could find no correlation between doing a cleanse first and then going on the diet. In fact, in none of the people who participated in the informal study – the cleanse group failed to lost more weight than those who just went on the HCG without doing the cleanse.

 Now, in all fairness, our “study” did not have all the rigorous scientific protocols in place and it was, statistically speaking, a very small pool. Still the results are the results, and actual experience is experience gained.

From my own experience, I lost records amount of weight on each round and I never did the cleanse nor mega-dosed on vitamins. 

Don’t get me wrong, going on a cleanse at any time is probably a good thing. But it’s not necessary to get the most out of the HCG Diet. This was a misnomer started by Kevin Trudeau in his book and his particular slant on the HCG diet, when he tried to put his own stamp on it by adding a cleanse and mega-dosing on vitamins.

 So, food for thought.

One more thing I’ll tell you that I forgot to include in my email to her — if you google the subject of cleansing the body, you’ll see the jury is really out on the whole concept.

I’ll let you make up your own mind about it. What I do know for sure is that it is a “cash cow” for the doctors and clinics and a way for them to milk even more money from you than they’re already overcharging for “administering” the very simple HCG Diet.

Grrrr… these kind of shenanigans stirs me up madder than a hornet being shook in a canning jar. Gotta go cool off. Perhaps a nice, long bike ride to relax? Hmmm.

Now, to be fair, not all doctors and clinics engage in these questionable practices. Now that’s me trying to be fair. In actuality, I don’t know of any who don’t tack on some of this extraneous crap in order to boost their profit margins. Every example I hear about has some kind of shenanigans like this going on. So there you go — both sides are on the table and it’s up to you whether you feel like paying more for something you don’t need.

Just remember, it’s a can of corn to lose the weight – on HCG or otherwise. The true power is keeping it off. Something even many HCGers fail to do. And that’s one of the dirty little secrets of the HCG diet and something you won’t see or read from someone trying to sell you HCG.

‘Til next time… Stay Gutless.

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